How they work

Cookies are used by our site as a way to enhance your experience. The site will react differently depending on who is using it; think of the way the website can recommend things you may want because of what you’ve searched previously.

Whilst you can remove the cookies that are automatically left on your computer this is not something we would recommend, as there is a chance that it will prevent our website from functioning as it should.

Types of Cookies

First Party

There are some uses for cookies that are not strictly necessary to the functionality of a webpage but aid us to provide the best experience for you; these are known as first party or functional cookies and they originate from our site directly.

For us that relates to Google Analytics, which compiles information about visitor behaviour in regards to how you found the website, how long you spent browsing and what you looked at whilst there.

What our cookies don’t do is collate any of your personal details or share them with third parties. The aim is not to identify who you are, but what your purpose is for visiting our website.

Third Party

Also known as targeting cookies, these are what enable you share a page of your choice with others using a social media network such as Facebook, Pinterest or ADD This. These originate from alternate sites so if it is your wish to find out more about the information they collect we would recommend checking out their respective policies.